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Board Secretary

It is a critical position to assist the board with a smooth operation. The work ensures each board member is given appropriate notice of meetings and proactively keeps records of all board and committee meetings. Responsible for recording all minutes of each board meeting Custodian of all records and documents kept at the principal office Attend to the giving and serving of all notices Affix the seal to all documents. Send out minutes and agendas for the next meeting. In charge of communication with the board and outsiders who communicate with the board Responsible for adequately documenting every action of the board Send an annual report to all directors within 120 days after the end of the corporation's fiscal year. Prepare meeting minutes, which shall be delivered to the corporation and placed in the corporation's minute book. Deliver a copy of the meeting minutes to each board member within seven (7) business days and send each board member a summary report of the business conducted in any meeting

Virtual Project (Virtual)

Through 1/1/22

Encouragement Cards For Level Up Clients

We're looking for volunteers to create homemade encouragement cards for our Level Up Clients. Cards should include encouraging messages like, "You can do it!" "Keep up the great work!", "You're almost there!", "You can do anything you put your mind to.", etc. Feel free to get as creative as you'd like with your cards. They can include drawings, glitter, stickers, or simple encouraging messages. This is a remote project, meaning it can be done at home or at your workplace. It's also a family-friendly project. All you need are things like paper, markers, crayons, and any other craft supplies you want. Drop off completed cards at Lake Area United Way (221 W. Ridge Rd. Griffith, IN 46319). There is a mail slot in the front door. Simply slip your cards through the slot into bin and we'll pass out the cards throughout the year whenever our clients need a pick-me-up. Level Up is a program that helps struggling, working families gain access to job training, financial education, assistance with child care, and access to barrier buster funding to help them overcome the obstacles that are preventing them from moving into better paying jobs and becoming more financially secure. Participants in the program often face a lot of stress and challenges along the way to financial stability. This sometimes leads to them being overwhelmed and feeling like they can't accomplish their goals. The encouragement cards you help us create will be used to help cheer our clients on and give them a little extra motivation when things get tough. Many of our clients don't have strong support systems to encourage them, so seeing that the community as a whole is behind them and wants them to succeed will help boost their confidence and motivate them to keep working towards their goals.

Remote Project (Virtual)

Through 4/24/21

Level Up Career Team Member

The Level Up Career Team is comprised of volunteers from a variety of professions who agree to share their knowledge and skills with our Level Up clients as they move towards achieving their career goals. Team members will be called on from time to time to have one-on-one conversations with clients, be guest speakers at Level Up Monthly Meetings, assist with career search skills, etc. Examples of Team Member duties are: Assistance with resume writing Mock interview training Assisting with job searches Making connections to job openings when appropriate Answering any questions the client might have on appropriate career search protocols Encouraging them throughout their career search process Offering guidance on different career tracks within a specific field the client is interested in Sharing experiences from your career (both positive and negative) and how you dealt with them Helping clients understand the qualifications and requirements of their chosen career Assistance with school/training assignments and studying Tips for how to deal with difficult work situations in a positive way Making connections in their chosen field How to deal with customer service issues How to resolve conflicts in a more positive way Provide insight on other relevant topics that might come up Level Up Team Member Goals The goal of the Level Up Career Team is to put together a team of volunteers from a wide background of professions so that we can match our Level Up clients with a volunteer that has expertise in a field relevant to them. For example, HR professionals would be called on to help with things like resume writing and mock interviews since they have real world experience in those areas. A manufacturing professional would not be asked to assist with resume writing unless the specifically state that they have experience and would be willing to assist in that area. Someone in the medical field would not be asked to speak with a client interested in manufacturing careers as that wouldn’t be their specialty. If selected to be a Level Up Career Team member you will be asked to fill out an Area of Expertise questionnaire that Lake Area United Way will use to determine which team member is the best person to reach out to for each individual client need. Team Member Requirements: Must complete and pass a background check Must submit up-to-date resume Must attend one orientation session Must have reliable phone, computer, and internet access Must be available evenings and weekends for calls with clients Must complete Area of Expertise questionnaire Team Member Traits: A good team member must be flexible. Level Up Participants are often stretched to their limits with work and family requirements and will sometimes need to make last minutes changes to their schedules. A good team member should follow up. Again, our clients are juggling a lot of different things in their lives and may need you to send multiple reminders about scheduled meetings. A good team member must be willing to make calls during evenings and weekends. Because Level Up clients are working, they are often not available to talk during the work day and many will need to schedule calls in the evenings or on the weekends. A good team member must be encouraging. Our clients are under a lot of stress and can easily get discouraged if something doesn’t work out. Many of them don’t have a support network or anyone giving them positive reinforcement, so it is important when speaking with a client that you are always encouraging and supportive of them. It’s important to be realistic, especially when it comes to job requirements, but do so in a kind, positive way. Team Member Schedule: Lake Area United Way’s goal is to build a robust team so that you are not constantly on call. We don’t have a set schedule as these conversations with clients will be on an as-needed basis. The way the scheduling process would work is: When you become a team member you fill out your Area of Expertise questionnaire. This will also include information about your general availability. When a client expresses a need to speak with a team member for guidance, Lake Area United Way will cross reference that need with the information from the questionnaire to put together a list of potential team members best suited to provide that guidance. Lake Area United Way will reach out to that group of team members with information on the client, their need, and their preferred availability. Anyone in the group that is available to assist the client will respond to the Lake Area United Way staff member who will work with you to set up a specific time and date to meet with the client. If multiple team members are available Lake Area United Way staff will work with those team members to decide who will take the meeting. After you have met with the client you’ll be asked to provide a summary of the conversation to the Lake Area United Way staff in order to ensure continuity of care. This way we don’t say anything to accidentally contradict the information you provided, and we know the information your provided in case the client forgets anything. Depending on your areas of expertise you may also be asked to be a speaker at one of our monthly Level Up meetings. The meetings take place twice a month via Zoom (same meeting just offered at different times to accommodate different schedules). You do not have to do this, however if you would like to speak on a specific topic we would love to have you. Meeting Length: Depending on the topic, a meeting with a client could be anywhere from half an hour to an hour. You may also choose to set up multiple meetings if you feel it is a topic that can’t properly be addressed in one meeting.

Virtual Opportunity (Virtual)

Through 12/31/21

Campagna Champion

Campagna Champion-We are seeking enthusiastic, passionate individuals to become a volunteer member of our fundraising committee. The volunteer member would be a person of integrity, effective communicator and committed to assisting with planning, promotion and fundraising for our annual fundraiser.

Schererville, IN

Through 9/9/21

Book by Book

Book by Book- We are seeking individuals and groups to help us rebuild our library book by book. We are seeking new books listed on the Newberry award winner list for youth as well as Dork Diaries, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Captain Underpants. Items may be dropped off to our administration building 7403 Cline Avenue, Schererville Indian a Monday-Friday 8:30-4:00.

Schererville, IN

Through 3/5/22

Birthday Cheer

We are looking for individuals or groups who want to help spread some birthday cheer to our clients by supplying birthday birthday decorations, cards, posters, signs and nut free candy for the youth in our residential programs. This is a great opportunity for all age groups! The decorations will be used to decorate the resident's room for a birthday celebration. Birthday creations may be dropped off at our administration building 7403 Cline Avenue Schererville, Indiana Monday-Friday 8:30-4:00.

Schererville, IN

Through 3/5/22

Bedroom Decor Drive

We are looking for individuals and groups to host a bedroom decor drive for the youth of Campagna. Items must be new and would include such things as stuffed animals, bedroom rugs, posters, twin blankets, twin sheet sets, pillow cases for both boys and girls. This is a great opportunity for all age and groups as it can be done remotely and not on our campus.

Schererville, IN

Through 3/5/22

G.A.P Food Pantry

Pack boxes with food on the Tuesday before each distribution date in two shifts: 10:00 am-Noon and 1:00-3:00 p.m. In compliance with social distancing requirement, 4 Volunteers are permitted for each shift. Facial mask are required and provided along with disposable gloves. Distribution occurs every other Thursday from 11:00a.m. to 1:00 p.m. beginning Thursday, January 14, 2021.Therefore, the first packing date will be Tuesday, January 12, 2021. Please indicate which shift you're available to help on when you respond. Thank you for your willingness to volunteer.

Crown Point, IN

4/20/21 10:00 AM + more

Road to Recovery Volunteer Driver

One of the toughest challenges cancer patients face is getting to and from treatment. Without access to reliable transportation, cancer patients are unable to get regular treatment. And even the best treatment can’t work if a patient can’t get there. Every driver has what it takes to save lives. The American Cancer Society is urgently seeking volunteer drivers willing to donate their passenger seat to transport patients to their cancer-related treatment through the Road To Recovery program. To volunteer, all you need is a valid driver’s license, a safe and reliable vehicle, and proof of insurance. Drivers must be at least 18 years old and have a good driving record. The Society conducts criminal background and driving record checks on all drivers and provides free training. Volunteer coordinators also are needed and help schedule the requested rides. Coordinators can work from any location that is convenient for them. Great organization and communication skills can make a major impact on the well-being of cancer patients in the community. Are you willing to donate your passenger seat to help save a life? If so, please call (800) 227-2345 or visit

Mishawaka, IN

Through 6/1/21